Tikku-pattern for Stockmann

Minimalistic Tikku-pattern is designed by Helmi Liikanen for Stockmann brand A+more Photo By Helmi Liikanen

Donut-pattern for Pikkuset

Lovely greenish Donut-pattern is designed by Katja Juntunen for Pikkuset! Photo from @pikkusetclothing

Ice cream-pattern for Pikkuset!

Cute and colourful Ice cream-pattern is designed by Pilvi Waitinen for Pikkuset! Photo from @pikkusetclothing

Sukellushiiret-pattern for Aarrekid

This adventurous Sukellushiiret-pattern is designed by Melissa Sammalvaara for Aarrekid! Let’s dive right into it! Photo from @aarrekid

Bananas-pattern for Pikkuset!

Let’s go bananas! This colorful Bananas-pattern is designed by Pilvi Waitinen for Pikkuset. Photo from @pikkusetclothing

Ketuttaa-pattern for Pikkuset

Pattern Lab 18 Ketuttaa-pattern for Pikkuset! Isn’t it cute? The pattern is designed by Sarianna Niskala. Picture from @pikkusetclothing

Yö-pattern for Vimma

PatternLabs Yö-pattern for Vimma! The pattern is designed by Helmi Liikanen. Picture from @riinget

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