Pattern Lab is a surface design project at Aalto ARTS with long roots but fresh faces every year. The collective of this year’s students is called Tickle. We work with our own styles, but under three common themes. This results in varied, yet cohesive collections, that consist of print patterns as well as woven designs. The team functions like a professional, but cheerful company that sells patterns in Finnish and international markets.

The Story

In Pattern Lab you can experience what it’s like to work as a professional freelance designer. It gives you the perfect opportunity to test your ideas and get feedback from real clients.
– Pattern Lab alumna Anu Saari
Photo Pattern Lab, 2015

Pattern Lab

Pattern Lab is a master’s level study project at Aalto ARTS in Helsinki, Finland. The project has an impressive and successful history of more than fifteen years and a number of today’s top textile designers in Finland are Pattern Lab alumni.

Photo Pattern Lab, 2015
Photo Pattern Lab, 2015

Pattern Lab is a yearlong project with a new group of talented students each year. A design professor selects the students and oversees the whole process. This year the project is supervised by Professor Maarit Salolainen, who is also one of the key people behind the entire project.

Pattern Lab Supervisors: Maarit Salolainen, Helena Hyvönen and Pirjo Kääriäinen
The aim of Pattern Lab is to create a large, professional level surface design collection. The designs are promoted at key industry fairs and directly to customers all around the world. During the past years Pattern Lab teams have sold hundreds of patterns for a large number of companies.

This website showcases the work of Pattern Lab 16.

Pattern Lab gives an important chance to hear and learn about the needs and requirements of the industry that buys surface design. For me, the Pattern Lab gave a boost to carry on with surface design as my profession.

– Pattern Lab alumna Teija Puranen
Photo Pattern Lab, 2015
Photo Pattern Lab, 2015


The recipe for success is not only about being a great designer, it is also about mastering teamwork, branding, communications, marketing and sales. Pattern Lab is as real as it can get during studies.

– Maarit Salolainen

This kind of “real-life training” gave us precious knowledge and courage for the future. Taking contact to different companies and visiting them in Finland, Sweden and Paris was one of the best things in Pattern Lab.
– Pattern Lab alumna Reeta Ek



Pattern Lab is unique because we are.
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This theme is called
Arctic Noir

This theme is called

This theme is called
Concrete Metronome
The three collections crystallize the spirits and diversity of Tickle. All the members of the collective have contributed equally to each of the collections. The designers work both by hand and digitally, exploring and combining different techniques. All together there are close to 400 different surface designs for a myriad of uses. The collections consist of print patterns, digital prints, jacquards, woven fabrics and other 3D-surfaces.