Pattern Lab 19


This year’s PatternLab 19 collective sizzles with excitement. We are 13 designers with unique style, taste and personality. Each one of us complements the other and contributes their individual style and strengths to our team and the collections. Together we create a brilliant compilation of young talent, pure imagination, print patterns, creativity and woven designs. We are 13 Master of Arts students at Aalto University of Arts, Design and Architecture in Helsinki, Finland. The project is supervised and curated by Professor Maarit Salolainen, who has extensive experience of working in the international textile industry. Meet our team:

Sonia Anker
Sonia Anker is Master’s Student in Fashion, Clothing and Textile program. Her previous experience is in fine arts, but after working on her collection for Pattern Lab, prints have become her great passion. Her work is inspired from dreams, memories, paintings and nature. In the future she would like to expand her knowledge to fashion and interiors textile prints. She aspires to work in trend forecasting and textiles collection coordinating.

Riina Heinonen
Riina is studying ‘Fashion, Clothing and Textile Design’. She is an artist and designer with a burning passion for harmonic compositions on continuous surfaces. She has been experimenting with hand painting, print-making, textile materials and concept art, while doing significant work in textile surface design. She is eager to find new techniques, add vividness and slight randomness in contrast to the controlled lines and compositions. Her inspiration thrives from art and fashion history, children’s storybooks, funky music and traveling.

Junyoung Lee
Junyoung is a design student of ‘Creative Sustainability’ with interests in sustainable fashion and textile. She has been working in various fields of design, including graphic design, environmental design, art education and art direction. Recently, she worked on children’s wear and has developed a passion for unique patterns and textile. Her designs are inspired from nature and children.

Nayoung Lee
Nayoung is a student of the ‘International Design Business Management’ program. She has a background in Visual Communication design and has several years of working as a professional graphic designer in branding and visual identity design. She is passionate about creating brand identities through storytelling, concept making and visualisations. This passion has led her to study pattern-design and gain a better understanding of the harmony between people, space, mood and visuals. After her graduation, she would like to work for branding and interior design firms.

Peinung Lee
Peinung is a multidisciplinary designer who is now studying ‘Textile Design’. Before switching to textile design, she has worked as a Visual Art designer for five years at various firms. Inspired by her graphic design background, she has adopted an intriguing visual language for a refreshing look to her print collection. She seeks to use vivid colours and hand-drawn elements to translate an abstract concept into imaginative scenes that evoke latent emotions in her audience.

Sofia Kolovskaya
Sofia is a designer and illustrator who is passionate about experimentation and working across discipline. She has a bank of ideas which are inspired from the simplest things in daily life to complex systems. Her designs are quirky, fun with bold brushstrokes. She is pursuing her Master’s degree in Visual Communication Design and currently on an exchange studies at Rhode Island School of Design.

Ida Korsström
Ida is a second year student in the M.A. program for ‘Fashion, Clothing and Textile Design’ and she did her B.A. in ‘Product Design’. She strives to create timeless and original designs. She is constantly looking for new expressions and sources of inspiration, while being true to her own aesthetic. In the future, she wants to work as a print designer for fashion or interior design.

Fiorenza Marani
Fiorenza is a Fashion designer and is currently pursuing her M.A. in ‘Textile Design’. Her inspirations come from cinematography, travels and photography. In her creative process, colours play a very important role. Her long term goals are to work on print collections, interiors, fabric and fashion that evokes delight.

Sanni Ojala
Sanni is a second year Master’s student pursuing a major in ‘Fashion’ at Aalto University. Her biggest passion, in fashion and textiles, has always been patterns and other visual motifs. As a pattern designer, she is very keen on exploring different techniques and styles while ensuring that her own “voice” can be seen in her designs as well. Her main inspiration for every design is to create something mindful and exciting, which evokes different emotions in people. Pattern Lab has been the highlight of Sanni’s Master’s studies, and this is why she would really love to work with pattern-design related projects in the future too.

Parvati Pillai
Parvati is an illustrator and designer with experience in retail, advertising, publication and web design. She enjoys the process of product development and strives to combine various disciplines of design for better storytelling and communication. Parvati is driven by the desire to create products that evoke positive emotions and have a lasting impression on people through the use of bold colours and intricate elements. She is currently pursuing Master’s degree in Visual Communication Design.

Saana Pitkänen
Saana is known for her delightful colour palette and her broad range of styles. She switches seamlessly from pedantic elegance to rough painterly surfaces. She lives for vibrant colours and aesthetics, and gets goosebumps when her print meets the material and colours that match her vision perfectly. Saana enjoys designing woven fabrics, prints and coordinating collections. She is currently in the second year of her Master’s degree in ‘Fashion, Clothing and Textile Design’ at Aalto University. When she is not working on her designs, she is travelling the world eating cakes and seeking vintage dresses.

Otto Rummukainen
Friends, anime and pop culture are the main inspirations for Otto’s prints. He is a student of the ‘Fashion, Clothing and Textile Design’ program at Aalto University, and has a background in ceramic and glass art. Otto seeks pleasure in his work, and this passion can be seen in the end result. Working between art and design is a significant part of his design process.

Taina Tirkkonen
Taina is an art director, multidisciplinary visual designer and currently a student in Visual Communication Design. Her design explores visual contrast between pure mathematical structures, quirky shapes of nature, conceptual abstractions and elements of illustrated stories. Taina’s patterns have themes of moments of calmness, drama in cosmic scale and cultural heritage with futuristic perspective.