Pattern Lab 18


This year’s PatternLab 18 collective sizzles with excitement. We are 12 designers with unique style, taste and personality. Each one of us complements the other and contributes their individual style and strengths to our team and the collections. Together we create a brilliant compilation of young talent, pure imagination, print patterns, creativity and woven designs. We are twelve Master of Arts students at Aalto University of Arts, Design and Arhitecture in Helsinki, Finland. The project is supervised and curated by Professor Maarit Salolainen, who has extensive experience of working in the international textile industry.

Meet our team:

Atso-Kasper Costiander

I am an adventurer and explorer who goes where he plans and isn’t afraid to take leaps outside of the comfort zone. I have a BA in Ceramics and Glass Design with a minor in Textile Design from Aalto university School of Arts, Design and Architecture. Now I’m studying in the MA Fashion and Collection Design department. My main interests are surface design, material knowledge, shapes, tactility and sculpture. My future dream is working with skillful, passionate and happy people in a company or as a team of entrepreneurs.

Angela Hernandez

I am a  student in the Creative Sustainability design department. I have a BFA in Interior Design from the School of Visual Arts. My skills in art and design range from conceptualization of interior design, which involves research, documentation and sketching to photography and crafts. I have formerly worked as a Materials Librarian in interior design firms. My current objective is to harmoniously integrate my range of skills to produce distinctive patterns. After I conclude my role in PatternLab, I would like to see myself in a creative environment where I can continue these processes; whether focused on interior design or photography or a tie of pattern design and crafts.

Ruut Joensuu

I am a third-year Master’s student at Aalto University, with a background in fashion and collection design. I love drawing and I enjoy creating artworks by hand. I have a relentless curiosity and passion for travelling, people, nature and exploring new. I believe in teamwork, open-mindedness and positivity, which I think also shows in my design process. In the future, I’d love to work internationally, with fun, passionate people that share the same interests as I do.

Tytti Laitakari

I am a passionate Textile Designer from Helsinki. My aim is to design beautiful textiles for interiors and make people’s living environments more enjoyable with patterns and nice materials. I love travelling, parties and dreaming. Since I enjoy working with people, I see myself in the future doing a collaboration, being part of a design team or starting a company with a group of talented people.

Helmi Liikanen

I am an aspiring textile designer with a passion for colours, prints and materials. I truly believe that understanding the impact of materials and colours can take any design project to a next level. In my daily life I am inspired by art, good talks, fashion and by going for a swim. After completing my studies I’d love to work internationally in areas of woven fabrics, collection management and trend forecasting.

Eveliina Netti

I am an enthusiastic designer with a background of textile and surface design. As a designer I like to work hard, but also with a little bit tongue-in-cheek attitude. Things that inspire me in my everyday life are: beautiful color combinations, hearing a great story, meeting nice animals and drinking a very hot and black coffee. In the future, I would be happy to work with patterns, illustrations and fairy tales.

Sarianna Niskala

I am a curious and hardworking young designer with a thirst for new. I study International Design Business Management MA at Aalto University, but my heart beats for prints. My background is in textile and fashion design. I am fascinated by design, people, art, business and digitalisation; plus how to combine them in a meaningful way.  My passions are colourful prints, rich experiences, languages, travelling and functional design. I always sketch by hand.

Miia Puustinen

I study in the Visual Communication Design MA-programme and I did my BA in Textile Design. I’m really into illustration and visual storytelling. My favourite part of the design process is sketching and I want the hand-made feeling to remain in the final pattern. My main inspiration is daily life and I like to search for fascinating colors and surfaces around me. My future goal is to be a professional illustrator, pattern designer and I’d love to write children’s books as well!

Tong Ren

I have an industrial design background and now I am studying in the Fashion and Collection Design department. I am also working part time in an accessory design company in Helsinki. My inspiration comes from nature, art and friends. I would like to be an entrepreneur in the future.

Melissa Sammalvaara

I’m an enthusiastic second-year Master’s student in the Textile department with a broad background in spatial and furniture design, and media. As a textile designer I thrive on the idea of sustainable and ageless design that combines the traditional ways of working and natural materials with newer experimental methods. Besides my passion for textiles, I am also interested in fashion, branding, photography and art in general.

Dayoung Song

I did my Bachelor studies in Interior Design and Visual Communication Design. Before starting my Master’s degree in Product and Spatial design at Aalto University, I worked as an Interior and Exhibition Designer in Seoul. Based on my spatial design background, I am pursuing furniture and pattern design practices currently. I have interests in geographical figures, form and structure. My long term ambition is to launch my own brand in the area of living design.

Jiaxuan Xu

I have a fashion textile design background and now I am studying surface design . I worked as a textile designer in an independent designer brand. I have passionate about searching for colors, patterns, stories and surfaces around my daily life, and transforming them as my inspiration.  I would like to be a surface design freelancer in the future.